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Grape Leaves

January 3rd, 2011 by admin

Grape Leaves or on turkish Dolma are a Turkish specialty. In these grape leaves are wrapped other ingredients, hence the name Sarma from Sarmak (wrap) is common.

Ingredients and Health

Grape leaves contain mainly flavonoids, which are secondary plant products, that play a significant role in health.

In Dolma there is a very special flavonoid included, which has a favorable effect on the health of veins, as it works to protect blood vessels.

With varicose veins and other vein disorders Dolma are therefore recommended. Dolma is also low in calories.


First, the stems are cut off from the vine leaves with scissors and then the grape leaves are boiled a few minutes in salted water.

Before using, the Dolma are washed with water and with the help of a screen, you can drain them. Thereafter, the respective ingredients are rolled up in it.


Dolma are depending on either filled with Rice or chopped lamb, onions, nuts and spices.

Dolma are eaten in Turkey usually cold. You can buy the grape leaves commercially rolled up in jars or in packs.

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