Basmati Rice

November 23rd, 2010 by admin

Basmati Rice or Fragrant Rice is also a Long Grain Rice, which is cultivated mainly in India.

The basmati rice originates probably from Afghanistan. Basmati rice has an intense aroma and a nutty taste.

Nutrients – Vitamins, Minerals

Basmati rice contains only a few vitamins and not many minerals. Noteworthy are B vitamins and the minerals magnesium, potassium and fluorine.

Carbohydrates and Protein

Basmati rice contains between 30 and 40g carbs per 100g and the protein content is between 3 and 8 g depending on the sort.

Fiber and Fat

Basmati rice contains about 1g of fiber per 100g of rice and a fat content between 1 and 2g.

Turkish Cuisine – Use

Basmati rice has an intense aroma and a pleasant nutty flavor, it is also suitable as the Patna Rice for many rice dishes.

It fits well with meat, fish and poultry dishes. The Turkish cuisine uses basmati rice as a substitute for Patna Rice.

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