Sesame Seeds

November 23rd, 2010 by admin

Sesame probably comes originally from India or East Africa. Sesame is a herb, that can grow up to 2m high.

The 2-3mm large seeds may be colored yellow, white, gray, brown or black – Black Sesame.

Sesame needs tropical climate, but is now cultivated worldwide. Most sesame is produced in India and China.

Strictly speaking, sesame is no spice, but an oil seed. As a spice, only the seeds are used, they are odorless and have a nutty taste.

Especially when they are heated, it forms a delicious aroma.


Sesame seeds contain 50 – 60% oil, mainly composed of unsaturated fatty acids such as: oleic acid, linoleic acid and a smaller part linolenic acid.

Turkish Cuisine – Use

Turkish bread, eg:. are used for kebabs often sprinkled with black sesame seeds before baking, so they can develop their aroma by the heat in the oven.

Simit also contain sesame seeds, these are on the crust of the dough. Sesame is also used for Sesame Paste also called Tahini.

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