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Pepper Paste

November 23rd, 2010 by admin

Pepper Paste is used in Turkey for Spicing, it is offered there in different degree of severities from mild to sharp.


Pepper Paste normally contains no other spices, except salt.

Production and Preparation

Pepper Paste is produced either traditional or industrially. In traditional manufacturing, the peppers are first dried, then grounded or pureed and in the end cooked until a paste is formed.

In the industrial production the peppers are grinded, or pureed, then by heating or vacuum preserved and pasteurized at the end.

Pepper Flakes

Pepper Flakes are also used as a spice in Turkey, but apparently milder in taste than the Pepper Paste. The dried peppers are simply shredded into flakes.

Turkish Cuisine – Use

Pepper paste and pepper flakes, as already mentioned are used in Turkish Cuisine for Spicing.

Mainly for meat dishes and stews. Pepper Paste is called in Turkey biber salcasi. Pepper flakes are called in Turkey pulbiber.

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