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Turkish food – popular not only in Turkey

Anyone who has been on holiday in Turkey, or has visited Istanbul, knows the culinary delights this country has to offer.

Many of those who have come to know Turkish Cuisine locally do not want to miss the Turkish food at home.

For this reason, Turkish food is enjoying in Europe increasing popularity too.

Turkish Cuisine – Culture and History

Who wants to know how the Turkish Cuisine was exactly created has to deal intensively with the history of Turkey.

In any case, the Turkish Cuisine is very versatile, because there are influences from many different nations.

Primarily, of course, people from Anatolia itself, but also Greek influence, Roman, Persian, Arabic and Caucasian.

Furthermore, there are also influences from the Mediterranean and Turks. As well as the Turks are known as today’s Turkish people.

Turkish Food – Habits

A Turkish meal without bread, probably does not exist, bread is served with every meal in Turkey.

Tea is drunk all day, no matter whether at a carpet dealer or in a tea house.

Soups are usually eaten in the morning, but also for lunch. Dinner is the most important meal of the day, it is usually taken with the entire family.

Certain dishes are therefore usually prepared in the morning. For supper, there is a wide variety of dishes, such as salad, cheese, stew, vegetables, meat or fish, fruits and finally mostly a dessert.

Turkish Speciality – different from region to region

Turkish Specialities there are many in Turkey, but they are usually different from region to region.

A well-known speciality is the so-called kebab, best known is the Döner Kebab, which consists of grilled meat and usually it is eaten with salad or other side dishes.

In Turkey, Döner Kebab usually consists of grilled meat, rice and salad.

In Europe, mostly turkey or chicken with salad and other ingredients are offered as Döner Kebab.

In certain regions of Turkey vegetables and other dishes, prepared with Olive Oil are offered – Another Turkish speciality food.

Pita bread, so-called Pide is also a Turkish Speciality. Pide is usually offered in their own special Turkish restaurants and bars.

A also well-known Turkish food are stuffed dumplings, they are eaten mainly in Anatolia.

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